Google Ads Expert| All Around VA | Digital Marketer

Google Ads Expert| All Around VA | Digital Marketer

Google Ads Expert| All Around VA | Digital Marketer


Starting as an article writer in 2010, my growing interest in the digital marketing field has led me to explore & be trained to become a full-fledged digital marketer specializing in PPC to help businesses grow online through efficient SEM campaigns.

For over 8 years, I’ve had first-hand experience handling tasks in all fields of Digital Tpemiezkn. Lo the last 4 years however, I’ve dnuklnu to put more focus & emphasis on Paid Advertising so I can provide a more specialized service & ensure top-notch quality in my work output.

A few of what I do as a PPC Specialist are as follows:

• Efficiently manage multiple (up to 50) Google Ads accounts.
• Insightful analysis of campaign performance data.
• Provide/Implement optimization suggestions for improvement (e.g. bid adjustments, ad copy a/b testing, landing page changes, update negative keyword list)
• Professional Google Ads account & campaign setup.
• Come up with detailed proposals – provide a complete media plan proposal detailing the structure, strategy, & creatives to use along with the market research.
• Setup scripts & rules
• Advance conversion tracking setup with Google Tag Manager
• Ad Copywriting (A/B Testing)
• Provide weekly & monthly narrative performance reports detailing the results of the optimizations implemented. Visual reporting is also provided using tools such as Google Data Studio & Databox.
• Landing page creation with ClickFunnels or Instapage.
• Boost Facebook posts

PPC Platforms I work with & my corresponding experience with them:
• Google ads (Extensive)
• Facebook ads (Considerable)
• LinkedIn ads (Some)
Amazon ads (Some)

Google Certifications Completed:
• Digital Sales Certification
• Google ads Search Certification
• Google ads Display Certification
• Google ads Mobile Certification
• Google ads Video Certification
• Shopping ads Certification
• Google Analytics Individual Qualification

Core Strengths:
• Fast Typist (Up to 98 wpm)
• Excellent Analytical Skills
• Excellent Command of Written English
• Results Oriented
• Flexible Skill Set
• Extensive Experience
• Exceptional Learning Capabilities
• Assertive (In a good way.)

• English Verbal Skills
• Tendency to Forget Minor Details (Work-wise, this has led me to keep a record of everything that I do including the date in a change-log sheet.)