Group 8A


“We’ve all sat in meetings, listening to consultants who promise more than they’ll ever deliver. While this may just be the nature of a sale, the consequences of unmet obligations for small businesses can be detrimental.

As a former owner of several e-commerce businesses, I know what it’s like to be pitched false promises and get stuck with the bill. It was my experience on the other side of things that led me to create Group 8A. After working with several digital marketing agencies that nearly drove my business into the ground, I realized there needed to be a new kind of digital marketing agency – one that put their bottom dollar on the line with their client .

Group 8A has always worked under this philosophy. That’s why in the beginning I preferred to only charge a percentage of sales, opposed to a flat rate, i.e., if you don’t grow – neither does Group 8A.

As a result of this customer first approach Group 8A has grown into one of the premier digital marketing agencies in New York City.

If you’d like to talk about how we could help you grow your online presence and increase conversions, reach out anytime, I’m looking forward to learning about your business.”