Hynstein’s origin dates back to 2006 when the idea for an internet-based business was borne. It then started as a online-based personal development information service called AYS Online (Activate Your Success). In 2009, the business was registered as AYS Enterprises and started offering web design and online marketing services to small business In 2013, the company was re-incorporated as Hynstein Nigeria Limited and continued providing web and software development services to small and mid-sized business. Around 2014, the team embarked on launching a few products of theirs- some failed while some succeeded. Among the software products created was the Hynstein School Manager, an ERP System for educational institutions. Hynstein has been consistently involved in providing excellent web design & development services as well as ERP/CRM consulting services. The company’s mission is to make processes seamless and more efficient. Its current focus is on helping forward-thinking companies achieve growth through visibility and productivity