Jhosehp R.


If you want to grow your business, become profitable, increase returns, deliver a successful product, then I am the right candidate.

I am not just an expert in marketing but I am also business-oriented and a product manager. I started my own company a couple of years ago, so I understand the needs you might have.

My name is Jhosehp Rendon, I have more than 7 years of experience as a Media Buyer and Product Manager, and I can definitely help you achieve your business goals.

I have experience with Facebook, Instagram, Google and Twitter ads. I have worked with big agencies and customers in different niches (Health and Fitness, Education, Crypto, Services, Lead Generation).

In terms of product management, experience creating & managing agile development practice:

– Being a liaison between dev, client and product sponsor
– Run daily standup meetings
– Creating & Managing Secure Development Life Cycle for specific product
– Defining the vision for the product
– Managing the product backlog
– Prioritizing development efforts efficiently according to customer requirements
– Overseeing development stages
– Anticipating client needs

Feel free to contact me (no commitments) so we can have a chat about your expectations.