Joseph C.


I write sales copy and marketing content for the outdoor and firearms industries.

Why? It is easy to write about something you know…

I have 35 years hands on experience in those niches and 20 years experience writing everything from press releases to product reviews.

I am a voting member of the NRA, a member of the OKC Gun Club and a member of the Civilian Marksmanship Program.

As a child, I visited every state west of the Mississippi River – fly-fishing from Idaho to New Mexico and camping in some of the greatest wild habitats this country has to offer. The list includes: Yosemite, Glacier, Yellowstone and the Redwood Forest.

These early and frequent experiences accompanied by a father who was obsessed with fishing and a grandfather who was passionate about hunting shaped my interest at a young age. These include fishing, hunting, hiking, shooting and camping.

In short, I am a writer, I use your products – I am your customer.

This offers me a unique advantage when writing content. I never wonder what your customer is thinking or what is important to them.

I simply draw upon my own experiences and research to answer my own questions.

These experiences accompanied by a marketing degree, a Ph.D. and activity in the industry offers me a unique skill set rarely matched by other writers.

It means you will receive content that peaks curiosity, enlightens and builds relationships – leading to happier clients, more conversions and less money wasted on copy that doesn’t work.

If you are truly looking to improve your business and a professional writer to work with, I am here to help.