Kayak Marketing


Over the years, we’ve helped clients market all manner of products and services, including consulting, shipping, jets, smartphones, high-rise towers, rock crushing rigs, heirloom tomatoes…almost anything you can imagine.
In 2011, Randy founded Kayak. It was right after beating stage 4 cancer. Upon his return to the office, he felt compelled to alter our approach from done for you, to done with you. That one little word altered our traditional agency-as-vendor business model to one of collaboration and partnership.

Instead of the usual smoke and mirrors pageantry of pitches meant to entertain and sway you towards hiring us, he asks clients to join us in elevating the conversation to what really matters…our mutual success. Yours, because your business stands to benefit greatly from our guidance and experience. And ours, because we will have earned your future recommendation.

We know what our best-fit ideal client looks like. As a result, we don’t take on every opportunity that comes up. Managing our capacity is a big part of our commitment to collaboration and partnership and client success.

What does engaging us look like in practice?

you roll up your sleeves and join in: collaboration and empowerment are central to your success
we tailor our plan to your situation: we create a digital roadmap that is flexible while containing critical actions, tasks, and deliverables
you grow your business: because you participate in it, you become empowered, and you create champions
we work to make the complex, simple: by maintaining a “keep it simple, smarty” approach
If this resonates with you, please do reach out. We’re happy to chat.