Lead Horse Marketing


Founded in Atlanta in 2012
Lead Horse founder Lane George’s background in the big agency world helped him realize that there are three things top agencies consistently get right: Sophisticated Technology, Expert Management, and Exceptional Service.

Lane brought the positive aspects of this agency mentality to his venture, Lead Horse Marketing, and carefully expanded his team of advertisers and marketers to add even more strategic benefits above and beyond what any company could find with bigger, more corporate outfits, including:

Data-based decision making
Specialized attention
Fair pricing
Team collaboration
Industry awareness

How Lead Horse Delivers Value to Your Business
At Lead Horse, our primary focus is value. Yes, metrics matter: rankings, Click-Through-Rates, conversions – these are all incredibly important. But what’s more important is that our vision is aligned with your business’s concept of success. What exactly are you looking for, and how can we over-deliver on your expectations? To us, value =
meeting YOUR goals, not our own.