Nourhaan M.


I graduated from GMU with a degree in English, Writing & Rhetoric.

I have been working in the Community Management niche since 2012, focusing on Trust, Safety, and Public Policy. For your online community, this means that I have the following skills: moderation, post management, user management, account/user controls, community guidelines, and enforcing community standards. By being an experienced community manager, I also possess the skills to post content to your social or group channels, ascertain members abide by community rules, and continuously work to improve the experience of your members.

By being a community manager, I also know how to handle social media accounts and profiles, including content creation, scheduling, and interacting with fans and followers. I have the skills needed to provide unique and insightful work for a project. I can provide valuable creative insight for re-designing websites, documents, and other published material.

I am not currently considering contracts that are customer service or customer support roles, thank you!

As a value added community manager, by hiring me, you will hire someone who will shape and craft a vision for your project – someone who is experienced in project management and is able to write, publish, prose, and communicate.

My priorities are my clients; I strive to provide stellar customer service, and I do this by providing short turnaround times, by being responsive in Messages/Email/Slack/Skype, and by focusing my efforts on what my clients need. Contact me today if you would like to learn more! I look forward to hearing from you.