Top 10 Content Creation Tools

August 28, 2021

Content Creation Tools

10 Tools to Help you with Content Creation  

Content creation involves identifying, planning and producing what you want to write about. It also can involve the act of getting your content edited and approved by senior members of your content team.  

Over the last few years, content creation and content marketing have grown exponentially as DigitalMarketers see the impact that content can make – you can see surveys with content marketing statistics

Below our team have listed 10 content creation tools that can help make the process of creating and working on content a little easier. 


  1. AspireIQ 

AspireIQ is a marketing platform, which aims to streamline management, influencer discovery and analytics so you can build strong influencer relationships. 

The tool makes it easy to have all the aspects of influencer marketing in one place. With AspireIQ you’ll be able to find and communicate with influencers who can create content for your brand. It also makes it very easy to review and approve content from their platform

The tool is very easy to use, functional and you can have everything in one place- from emails, content, to having the ability to pay your content creators

Price varies. 


  1. Contentful 

Contentful offers you an easy and fast way to manage content, integrate platforms, publish across channels and work with your team. 

The tool offers content creators a toolbox of features to help manage their website content. From giving you the space to host all your product information, so that consumers can see what you have to offer, to making it very easy to publish and unpublish content. 

It also makes it super easy to add the content you want in every area of your site – in that way the platform is very customizable.   

Contentful will help you create an interactive and visually appealing website, so that you can garner repeat customers. 

Prices start from $879. 


  1. Crowd Riff   


Crowd Riff is a visual content marketing platform.

From Crowd Riff’s platform you can source, manage and display photos that will attract more visitors to your site or social media

The platform has an extensive library of visually stunning and appealing photos. You don’t have to ask for the rights to use all the photos, as Crowd Riff has a selection of high quality photos that are available for anyone to use. Also, with Crowd Riff you don’t have to search hours for the right photo as it has a great search feature where you can filter by activities, location, season. 

The Crowd Riff tool helps you save money, if you don’t have the resources to create visual content. It’s especially great for those who sell travel packages. 

Price varies.


  1. Article Forge 


Article Forge uses AI technology to write articles. 

Article Forge promises to cut the time you spend on devising, writing, editing and proofreading content – and instead generates hundreds of articles at the click of a button. The tool works with the user’s guidance, as you have to input keywords to guide the AI software on what kind of content you want written. 

Every article is written completely from scratch, so you’ll never get a duplicate or plagiarized. The tool also promises to rank your content, so that it is more visible on Google.  

Article Forge is a very affordable tool at only $27 a year. It’s a great tool for those that often have writers block or want to brainstorm initial ideas. 

Price ranges from $27.


  1. is primarily a platform for effective social media monitoring but the tool also makes it easier to create content as a team.  

With Falcon you can create paid and organic posts for all your social networks, edit them as a team and then schedule their release date in your content calendar. 

The Falcon platform itself is very functional. It makes it very easy to work on content as a team, as everyone can confer, edit and update content all from one shared platform. 

Falcon is very user friendly, it has a bright interface and it is also very easy to integrate with all your social media platforms

Prices range from $129. 


  1. Planable 


Planable helps you approve and plan social media content. Like, the tool also helps you collaborate on content from one platform so you can work smarter with your team.

From the Planable platform, you can access all the tools you need to complete a task. All your team will have access to the content you produce, which can be kept in a Content Library; so you can later decide in what order you want them to be posted. The tool provides a handy Content Calendar feature where you will be able to plan and schedule in which order your content will be posted on your social media

Planable is very easy to set up, use and it offers you a great space to store and brainstorm content

Prices from $33. 


  1. Acrolinx 

Want to ensure all your content fits with your brand? 

Acrolinx  acts as a quality control tool for your content. The tool uses AI- powered software to capture your business’s writing guidelines and ensures your content aligns with those guidelines; by providing content contributors. Those content contributors will make it their mission that your content is consistent and aligns with your strategy

You will have to contact Acrolinx directly if you want a price quote. Their prices will depend on the scale of your business and the amount of content you want produced. 

Price varies. 


  1. RankIQ  

Rank IQ is an AI- powered SEO toolset built for bloggers. The tool tells you exactly what to put in your post and title, so you can write perfectly optimized content that gets you on the first page of Google. 

Along with a data visualization feature that helps you write content, the tool also has a keyword suggestion tool. This tool offers you the best low competition and high traffic short and long tailed keywords, so your article will reach a wider audience.  

Rank IQ is a fantastic time- saving tool. It is also very easy to navigate, with it’s simple and attractive interface. 

Price varies.


  1. Word Ai 


WordAi  uses artificial intelligence to understand text, to automatically rewrite your article as if it was written by a human. 

This tool also catches any grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes. It also helps to reorder your writing to make it more engaging. WordAi is automated to complete everything at a click of a button, so it has never been easier to help you create content. 

Another plus is the fact that Word Ai offers you a free 3- day trial, so you can test the tool before committing to their monthly subscription

Prices from 49.95.  


  1. helps you generate content to suit your purposes. 

From the many content creation tools, this tool is automated to create personalized emails, blogs, ad’s etc. It promises to enhance your content by turning a simple sentence by you,  into a full blown detailed paragraph at the click of a button. 

Smartwriter is a very simple tool to use and can be great for copywriters and content creators who continually suffer from writer’s block. 

Prices range from $39.