Openwave Computing Singapore Pte Ltd


For world-class innovative solutions related to
Our emphasis on quality and passion for technical excellence has enabled us to streamline our work processes to ensure timely delivery of superior products/services at affordable prices. We excel in:

Why Openwave Computing?
Future-Ready Solutions
Innovative and revolutionary, our unique solutions help our clients cut through the clutter.

Creating Increased Value
Our services are directed at strategically increasing the value for our clients.

Global Presence, Available 24/7
We work with clients located anywhere on the globe on a 24/7 basis to achieve desired results.

Solid Technological Expertise
We possess in-depth knowledge of various development technologies and stay ahead of the innovation curve.

Zeal For Technical Excellence
With a quality-centric model driving us, all our solutions are built to perfection and designed for excellence.

Integrity And Ethics
We never compromise on our work ethics and integrity, assuring greater transparency and reliability to clients.