Operational Support


My professional experiences molded & helped me to grow and acquire
different qualities like being goal oriented, organized, dedicated, be
efficient in fast paced multitasking environment and to strategize in
problem solving, stay calm under pressure, adapt changing priorities,
maintain positive attitude at work ethics & grow positive relationships w/ clients and colleagues.

My first professional
experience was Airline Customer Service Agent a ground carrier’s
representative who profile passengers, solve potential issue, apply airline regulation & literate passengers about their flight. Later
on, I became part of team lead with the position of Flight Controller at
domestic check-in counter, we handled flight disruptions, irregularities & inquiries of the passengers. I also experienced to answer email and phone inquiries & handled reports. We were also in charged to supervised and observed costumer service agents, monitor check-in counter process, and generally we functioned to ensure a smooth flow of the operations. After 1 year and 8 months in Cebu Pacific Air, I worked in Global Virtuoso as Business Support Unit Officer of Jetstar Australia & Asia for 1 year & 6
months. I was one of the airline operations support officer, giving internal assistance during disruption or any problem before, during and after the flight operations. The duty of this position is to provide solution & answer to different inquiries through email & phone calls from different ports.

Despite of these I am willing to grow more to meet the required qualifications. I am diligent learner, and I am eager to learn more to become your future reliable worker.