Prime Holding JSC


Prime Holding JSC (Prime) is a holding structure of premium software development companies based in Bulgaria, Europe, with over 6 years of experience working with partners from USA, Europe, and Asia.

Solve technical challenges

Our team of architects, solution consultants, and software engineers are used to quickly solve complex technical and quality challenges. We can consult and implement solutions that will solve various business cases and will get our customers one step ahead of competition.

Bring additional expertise

We can bring additional expertise and implement best practices in core software development, quality assurance automation, professional services, customer support and DevOps. Having worked on different projects in different vertials through the years has helped us gather expertise that we transfer to all new projects.

Support growth needs

At Prime, we support the growth needs of our parthers’ development teams. When they cannot find the right talent locally, we provide an opportunity to build remote development teams. We have developed extensive screening process to indentify the best technical and cultural fit for our customers.