Roket – App Design, Web Design, Branding


Further, Faster
Roket, a Pittsburgh-based design agency, fuels the growth of ideas and businesses by fusing beautiful design, smart technology, and hands-on entrepreneurial experience into a powerful force for progress.

We’re an award-winning design agency. Our small, talented team of designers and developers are dedicated to deliver on our mission to ‘design experiences people love’ through expertly crafted websites, apps, and brands. Alongside us are our passionate, entrepreneurial clients. Together, with hard work and an inquisitive spirit, we charge fearlessly ahead—challenging what is and creating what should be.

What We Believe
People First
As an employer, an agency, and a champion of user experience—people come first. For our team, this means unlimited paid time off, a flexible work schedule, and a share of profits. For our clients, this means you’ll work with a transparent and honest partner who delivers on our mission to design experiences people love.

Stay Small
By staying small, we remove the layers that prevent simplicity and speed at traditional agencies. At Roket, the person you shake hands with at the start is the same person you high-five at the end: no handoffs, no excessive layers of management, and no frustrating games of telephone.

Never Stop Learning
Roket Crewmates expand our skills and inform our perspective by attending talks, workshops, and events that teach and celebrate design, development, and innovation. In addition, we stay at the top of our game with online courses and internal “Lunch and Learns.”

Practice Passion
We choose to work with businesses who have strong passions. Whether it’s a platform for purpose-driven innovation, addressing mental health literacy, or changing how people experience video—their passion makes what we produce that much more satisfying and meaningful.