SEO Specialist | WordPress Developer

SEO Specialist | WordPress Developer

SEO Specialist | WordPress Developer


4 years as an SEO Expert and Web Developer

I work as an SEO and Web Developer for 4 years and I helped many online businesses even eCommerce websites to increase their conversions and generate sales effectively.

I can create a site from scratch to finish. There was a time before where my previous client sent me a written draft of how the site should look like and I followed all of the details he really wants to be. After sending the finished product, he was happy and satisfied with what I did.

In the Web Developer field, I can assure you 100% that I can manage creating a website using WordPress, CSS3, HTML, PHP Shopify with coding, and making sure that it will be a user-friendly and attractive website. Also the responsiveness of the website.

In the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) field, I guarantee you that your website will pass all SEO requirements and be an SEO-friendly website that can effectively generate leads, traffics, and sales. I can help you in boosting traffics, increasing sales, and also increasing the rankings of your site.

With my complex marketing and website development experience, I can say that I might be one of your assets to achieve your goals. If you’re looking for an SEO expert and a web developer then try me and I’ll show you what I am capable of.

I am also good at the following:
* CSS3
* MySql
* Graphic Designer
* JavaScript
* WordPress
* Lead Generation
* Data Entry
* Research
* Google Docs
* Shopify
* Link Building
* Screaming Frog
* SEMrush
* Keyword Research
* Google Adwords
* Google Analytics
* Ahref
* On-Page
* Off-Page

Happy working and God bless.