The SMC Group


[From the Biggest SNS Agency in Korea] – The SMC continues to trailblaze the industry: Founded in 2009, The SMC Group became Korea’s biggest content creator ($100M USD annually) – Worked with over 100 of Korea’s most powerful clients: Commerce, F&B, tech, you name it. The biggest movers and shakers like Samsung Electronics, Lotte Group continues a healthy relationship with The SMC Group. [Beyond One-stop Digital Communication Agency] – The explosion and the advancement of our digital landscape has shattered the boundaries of advertising & PR, paving the way for a paradigm shift into the age of IMC – All of the digital communication created by The SMC Group is based on a tried-and-true STRUCTURE. Our very own content solution to deliver a brand message and stimulate positive voice by and for the customers. [Birth of a ‘Comprehensive New Media Company’] – Digital content that stimulates open conversation and action, with the power to influence society and culture. That is our now and the future. – The SMC Group create content that INSPIRE, CONNECT, LEAD PEOPLE TO ACTION, and GENERATE CONVERSIONS. – The SMC Group is so much more than just a content producing agency. Vertical specialists in the department of strategy, commerce, performance ad, and global communication collaborate to offer the pinnacle of content solution catered just for your brand.