Virtual Assistant


Virtual Assistant / Accounts Receivable and Collection from January 3, 2018 to May 29, 2020
* Process orders / Order Entry for E-commerce and B2B customers.
* Answer email inquiries of E-commerce and B2B customers.
* Process chargebacks for E-commerce and B2B customers
* Process invoicing for B2B customers
* Follow up via email or call for accounts receivable for B2B customers
* Make sure that the orders have been processed and shipped.
Virtual Assistant from January 2017 – January 2018
* Perform various administrative tasks, including answering emails, scheduling meetings and making travel arrangements.
* Manage a contact list
* Prepare customer spreadsheets and keep online records
* Organize managers’ calendars
* Perform market research
* Create presentations, as assigned
* Address employee’s administrative queries
* Provide customer service as first point of contact
* Create Process documents
QA Lead in a BPO/Business Process Outsourcing from March 2016 – February 2017
* The QA Lead shall ensure seamless operations through supervisorial delegation of QA work activities and facilitate an atmosphere of teamwork and cooperation within the department.
* Responsible for the performance and skills development of his/her QA Coordinators.
* Monitors and coaches QA Coordinator activities.
* Ensures that the QA Coordinators follow approved QA guidelines, procedure, processes and tools in a consistent manner.
* Reviews QA Coordinators work to ensure accuracy, thoroughness and professionalism.
* Consolidates QA reports and provides timely communication and updates to the Training and Quality Manager, Account Manager/s and the client.
* Leads the team during regular monitoring calibration sessions with the client.
* Escalates quality concerns and issues, during implementation, nesting and stabilization phases of the account to Training and Quality Manager.
* Revision of the Quality Monitoring scorecards, as applicable, and coordinates with the client for buy-off and approval
* Roll out of performance incentive programs to QA Coordinators and Operations, as applicable
* Conducts training and orientation to new QA Coordinators of the account
* Conducts training to New Account Manager/s or officers, giving them orientation on QA operations and its System Functions.
* Coordinates with the Account Officers and Technical Trainers to ensure dissemination of information in a timely fashion.
* Works hand in hand with the Training and Quality Manager and Technical Trainers for the planning, execution, and evaluation of all other departmental programs and initiatives.
* Perform other duties assigned to him/her by the QA Manager
Quality Coordinator in a BPO/Business Process Outsourcing from December 2011 – March 2016
* Ensures that transaction monitoring quota set by the client/direct superior is consistently carried out (ensure process compliance, effective contact handling techniques, proper troubleshooting and documentation skills, and accuracy of information disclosed to SONY customers)
* Conducts documented coaching and feedback with the agent
* Follow through low performing agents and ensure that they are coached to improve performance.
* Attends calibration sessions on time and ready with information
* Sends/Submits accurate and on time reports
* Executes special activities required by Operations to improve performance
* Reports any agent / LOB observations that may lead to performance issues on team/agent level.
* Provides immediate feedback to Team Leads on agent’s quality performance
* Identifies and documents key problem areas and discuss the quality issues with the Team Leads, Supervisors, and Account Managers
* Conducts root-cause analysis on agent level and or team overall performance and implements action plans to address quality concerns.
* Coordinates with Account management (and Client ¡V if the Account allows) on Quality concerns and issues
* Coordinates with the training department when certain trainings are needed to improve agent performance based on monitoring results (transaction/customer satisfaction)
* Participates in New Hires Orientation through discussion of different quality scorecards and client performance expectations.
Initiates programs and activities that leads to performance improvement of the account
* Perform other duties assigned to him/her by the QA Lead, Supervisor or Manager
Senior Technical Support in a BPO/Business Process Outsourcing from April 2010 – December 2011
* First line of defense for Technical queries of Technical Support Representatives.
* SME help line
* Technical Queries related to the customer’s call. (Consultation)
* Help in finding resources or web related content that may be helpful for answering the customers call
Technical Support Professional in a BPO/Business Process Outsourcing from September 2007 – April 2010
* Provides technical assistance to clients with T1 internet circuit connectivity issues.
* Provides technical assistance to clients that have issues dealing with routers (Access Routers or Managed Routers)
* Responsible for proactive network monitoring – customer alarm tracking system alert monitoring and trouble ticket generation
* Dealing with circuit Testing Center, Local Exchange Carrier, other Network * Operation Center and the Local Contact (Technical Contact of the company) for the circuit issue.
– Platform Used:
Zendesk, TradeGecko, Netsuite, Locate, Amware Logistics, Shopify, Gorgias, SAP, Kickstarter, Backerkit, Asana