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Rethink Retail Reporting

Get instant answers for all channels – including stores, eCommerce, wholesale & marketplaces

Custom Integration
We will work with you to understand your business and reporting needs, so we can handle the integration and implementation regardless of your current systems.

Designed for the retail user
Designed for Retail
We have built-in retail metrics, visualizations, & customizability available out-of-the box based on best practices. We support NRF calendars, multiple product or store hierarchies, currencies, custom metric formulas and more!

Build reports in seconds
A System that Saves Time
Focus on making decisions and not spreadsheet stitching. Have one unified platform with accurate, real time data for your executives, merchandisers, sellers, buyers, & store managers.

Retailers and brands use 42 to make decisions – fast

Whether click or brick, 42 performs custom integration with your data
42 is an end to end solution that includes data mapping, cloud and data warehouse hosting & mobile friendly visuals. Built to help enterprise sized retailers and brands.