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Marketing resource management your way
Agile marketing planning, optimize workflows, financials, and objectives.

Visualize all marketing channels, productivity, and resources.

Clear and precise marketing your way

What is Marketing Resource Management?

Helps marketing teams track, manage, and report on marketing operations to streamline and collaborate creative production processes, optimize spend and resources, and manage creative content assets. Gives marketing departments a unified system to manage brand compliance, marketing workflows, the Return on Investment (ROI) of creative performance, and budget tracking.

Planning and budget management
Marketing is changing faster than ever before.
Campaign life cycles are shorter, multiple activities
need to be managed simultaneously.
Making a plan and budget, keeping them updated, and securing that your entire organization is pursuing the latest version can be needlessly time-consuming.

Digital asset management
Who has the latest version of your marketing assets and originals? Which files have been approved? When do their rights expire? How do you share them? Dropbox? Google Drive? Email? All of the above?
What happens when the person in charge of a project is absent or leaves the company?

Doing more with less
Are you under pressure to do more with less?
Are you also expected to be able to provide an overview, accountability, and prioritize the right activities while tracking and driving sales? Do you spend hours creating reports that will be obsolete next week?
Let us help you do what you are already doing better, faster, and cheaper.