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Hey, we are Cordeo!
On to a strong brand

The brand portal for you
Cordeo for a strong brand
With the Cordeo brand portal, anyone can create, distribute and manage content that always complies with the corporate identity. This is how you build a strong brand. Time savings, less costs and workload, a fast turnaround time for each message and a strong brand identity are to your advantage.

Efficient and targeted communication within the corporate identity
Extremely fast turnaround times per message
Time and cost savings because you are in control

Everything in the house
You can create, distribute and manage content yourself

Create a professional expression in an instant in accordance with the corporate identity. Graphic skills? Not necessary. Everyone in your organization can communicate with flexible templates.

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You can distribute messages at the touch of a button. A brochure, flyer or business card, for example, can be sent directly to the printer or published an online item immediately.

Manage your brand and content from the Digital Asset Manager. From created content to media and documents. Overview, structure and everything at hand.

Communicating from your own organization makes you efficient and independent. The turnaround time for each message is halved and you strengthen your brand identity immediately.