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Digital Asset Management Solutions
How to fully realize the value of your digital media assets

Understanding Digital Asset Management
Digital assets are all the pieces of digital content that have value for your organization or team. And for your team to be its most effective, your digital content needs to be searchable and accessible.

Digital asset management is the discipline of organizing these assets so that they can be easily categorized, searched, retrieved, archived, and shared. A robust DAM solution will streamline workflow, improve communication, save users’ time, reduce production requests, and enable repurposing of existing assets.

When digital assets are disorganized and hard to find, unnecessary strain is placed on the creative and administrative teams. Production can be significantly delayed. Lost or misplaced files can lead to rework, which increase costs. And the hunt for missing files can cut into your team’s other deadlines and deliverables Members of your organization may sacrifice working on their projects to track down certain files for themselves or others. Time and resources can be wasted, incurring costs and hurting your team’s morale.

Our technology empowers you to maximize the value of your digital assets.

Extensis Portfolio is a digital asset and brand asset management tool that allows you to create a central source for all images, videos, audio files, and documents — across brands, clients, and projects. Save time, improve communication, get organized, reduce production requests and costs, and realize brand strategies more effectively with Portfolio.