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Digital Asset Management
Make one quick stop for all of your company’s images, stock photos, videos, creative files, documents, presentations and more. Powerful tagging and search features deliver exactly what you’re looking for.

Designed with your brand in mind
Filecamp comes with some unique branding possibilities, and you can brand as many separate “sub-accounts” for your Filecamp as you’d like. Especially useful for agencies or if you have multiple brands under one umbrella. You can customize the login page and overall logo and colors for each client/brand, so they all get a unique experience centered on their brand.

What is Filecamp?
Filecamp helps marketing professionals to get more value from their creative assets like images, logos, brand guidelines, videos etc.
All from one intuitive and personalized environment in the cloud.

Brand Guidelines
Ensure brand consistency with a simple online brand manual and provide your employees and partners with an interactive style guide to keep them updated on your brand’s corporate identity guidelines.

Why Digital Asset Management?
As your organization grows it gets harder to keep your digital files under control. Time is wasted dealing with requests for images, logos and other files. Resources are typically scattered across various online file sharing services, hard disks, computers and network drives. People are given the wrong file type for their needs and a lack of control leads to branding issues. A Digital Asset Management (DAM) system allows you to store, manage and share all these assets more efficiently.