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Resolut Marketing Systems

Resolut Marketing Systems


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Simplify your local marketing
The marketing material is easily accessible and localized in centrally produced templates. The local users are able to increase marketing and follow brand guidelines, while making it easy to follow up on what has been done and ensuring quality.

The Resolut MRM product suite
Use the Resolut Marketing Resource Management (MRM) product suite to inform, collect, share, adapt, and distribute marketing material quickly and simply.

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Find out what Resolut can do for you
Whether you are looking for a full-fledged marketing solution to handle your companies entire marketing chain or a Media Bank to store and distribute your digital assets, Resolut MRM has you covered.

Market leaders choose Resolut MRM
Simplify your local marketing
Reduce marketing costs
Decrease time to market
Strengthen and increase brand control
Provide an overview of marketing activities
Collect and share digital assets
Visualize Key Performance Indicators
Easy to Use