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Reddit Marketing
Made Easy!
Howitzer helps you find potential leads on Reddit, and send personalized Reddit DMs and chats, at scale.

Average response rate of 40-45%.

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Why is Howitzer rocking the
Reddit Automation Tools market?
Reddit Chat & Direct Message Automation
The first and only solution that offers targeted Reddit DM Automation and Reddit Chat Automation

Plug & Play Cloud-based Solution
No need of Reddit accounts, downloading software, setting proxies or VPN. Everything is already set for you!

Human-like Behavior
Abiding by Reddit API guidelines, delay between actions and smart limits to mimic human behavior

Fresh & Unique Growth Channel
Utilize Reddit in a completely new fashion! Direct outreach on Reddit results in average of 40-45% response rate


Howitzer’s Features
🚀 Target and extract users
Target by keywords, subreddits, upvote score, positive/negative sentiment and much more!
Find and target your potential leads on Reddit.

• Example
Get all users that posted or commented something that contains reddit and marketing tools, but doesn’t contain ads as keywords, from r/entrepreneur, r/GrowthHacking, r/startups subreddits, in the last 6 months.
Get only the users who have talked positively about the specified keywords

📨 Message Automation
The same as cold emails, but for Reddit chat and private messages.
Howitzer enables you to contact your potential leads through Reddit Chat and DMs Automation

Using Personalization Variables

✈️ Campaigns on autopilot
Find new potential leads and send them a predefined personalized Reddit DMs or chats, in real-time.
Completely on autopilot.

• Example
Each time someone leaves a comment that contains reddit marketing tool as a keyphrase in r/howitzer, r/marketing, r/entrepreneur subreddits, Howitzer will find and message that user on your behalf, in near real-time.
All of this automatically, without a need of any interaction.