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We help businesses find potential clients and guarantee the delivery of your messages

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SMS Platform
An effective tool for small business to find new leads and make the initial contact by email
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Email Parsing
Get contacts of your leads from
the web and local storage
to increase sales
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Database Verification
Get in touch with real people to help you save time and money
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Bulk Email Sending
Send unlimited email marketing campaigns from your desktop PC
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A comprehensive solution for warming up your leads

Database parsing that has never been so easy
Choose a tool for scraping contacts that fits your needs

Pick emails from web
Extract 2500 emails from web pages and social media sites in less than five minutes

Collect phone numbers
Get phone numbers of people who are related to your business

Extract emails from PCs
An effective tool for small businesses to find new leads and make the initial contact by email

Complete email marketing strategy with mobile marketing
Send messages to 1000 operators in over 200 countries

Transactional SMS
Confirm the order and then indicate the amount of the payment and delivery date in the message. Accompany the registration on the website as well as the registration for the webinar and other events with messages. Send transactional SMS to your clients and enjoy their loyalty.

API Integration
SMS gateway helps to automatize the process of sending SMS and economize your time. Integrate your website or CRM system with our SMS service and send bulk texting campaigns automatically. Notify about shipping the package or send a registration code to make users’ experience more pleasant.

Save your budget thanks to checking the details about the phone number. Find out if it is active or not, what operator it is, whether it is in roaming, etc. Send cellphone carrier lookup once and connect only with real clients all the time.

Scheduling sending
Specify the time and date of sending, and campaign will be launched automatically when it is needed. Let your target audience receive SMS when it is convenient for them.

Set up a hit by name, personalized discount, or unique offer. This way you can propose to the customers products that maximalliy meet their expectations. Send personalized SMS and enjoy the army of loyal clients.

Worldwide delivery
Our company works in more than 200 countries around the world. Grow your business abroad without changing your location.

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Our top-selling email campaign tools

Mail Sender
Bulk email sender
Use our built-in SMTP or your own!
Address recipients by name
Remove unsubscribers

Email Hunter
Uncover email addresses on websites
Search by keyword
Perform high-speed and accurate searches

Mail Verifier
Verify email address formats
Verify domains
Verify emails
Save unlimited lists

Advantages of Atomic Email Software

Mail Sender

Atomic Mail Sender is a professional email creator as well as a high-performance mass emailing software for your marketing campaigns.

It enables you to manage email chains and send out business email marketing campaigns to an unlimited number of recipients. Sending bulk emails has never been so easy. Just download the email sending app directly from the site and run it.

The Atomic Mail Scheduler will allow you to send HTML email messages faster than you can imagine. The app for sending email messages to email addresses works in multi-threaded mode which is capable of high-speed sending. You can send hundreds of email messages in less than a minute even with a slow internet connection.

Before blasting your entire email list, you should validate it first with the Email Checker Tool. Otherwise, many of your emails could end up as spam. Personalize your newsletters, check for spam, remove invalid email addresses, and send an unlimited email broadcast.

Are you looking for desktop mail apps? If so, choose the best one that fits your needs and send a free email online during the first 7 days!


Email Hunter

A targeted email list is the first step that you should take to successfully establish your email campaign. Once you have added the website addresses, the Online Emails Extractor will harvest and collect thousands of relevant email addresses from the websites within a few minutes.

Atomic Email Hunter is a powerful business email service that will suit different companies. This user-friendly online email service will perfectly suit your needs of building up email mass marketing campaigns. You will have access to keyword searches, mailbox searches, and filtering rules settings. The email format finder will collect the ones you need and provide you a full list.

Filtering rules also help exclude insufficient email addresses from search results which will allow you to considerably improve your advertising campaign. In addition, you can customize your search geography settings. So, if you’re in the United States, you could collect all email addresses from the USA.

If you’ve been looking for useful email marketing platforms, then you came to the right place! Get all of your favorite email newsletter services and test them all out for free for 7 days.


Mail Verifier

Not sure if your extracted email addresses are truly valid? It would be wise to use our full package of list managers which can help you verify and structure your email lists. Not all mass email sender software applications can deal with address verification in these ways but this one can. Email management will become your favorite process in creating effective marketing campaigns for your company because this application will do all the work such as checking for syntax, domain names, and spam traps.

Atomic Mail Verifier will help you avoid sending advertising campaigns to non-existent email addresses. So, if you have thousands of email addresses in your list, email campaign tools will find the fastest way to improve email list deliverability.

Another good reason why you should use an email verification service is so that you can make sure you have authentic leads. The email validation tool verifies email addresses in three steps. This will allow you to check the authenticity of email addresses quickly and efficiently. An email validation service is conducted in multithread mode by using all the benefits of the valid email checker.

Unlike other online email crawlers, our corporate email finder has a unique configuration that will allow you to control the extraction speed. This will protect your software and keep your IP address from being blocked. You can then enjoy the benefits of a fast and reliable email extractor by using online search engines while you savor your morning cup of coffee!