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Don’t let your email marketing
bounce out of control
Get secure and easy validation of your records with a proprietary coding system that gives you a clear picture of your data.

Email Validation
AccuValid provides email address verification to help your email marketing campaigns succeed by providing intelligence on invalid and suspect emails.

Increase the reliability and accuracy of your email metricsMinimize bounce rates, while increasing deliverabilityIncrease the likelihood of inbox delivery
Build your reputation by sending to only valid addressesMitigate against the risk of being blocked or blacklistedEnsure the opportunity to engage recipients
How It Works
Clean up your email lists in 4 easy steps!
Improve your email marketing campaigns by increasing delivery rates.

Why AccuValid for Email Validation?
See what sets us apart. From fast service to useful integration, AccuValid offers the highest level of quality control for email address verification.

Flexible Pricing
Pay-per-use, starting at less than 1¢ per email address verification with no contract or subscription.

Easy to Use
Intuitive online tools make it easy to validate your email list. Validate 1 or one million emails (or more!) with real-time or batch validation options.

Get Alternate Emails
Send us your invalid email records and we will append an alternate valid email address for you.

Useful Integrations
Validate email addresses directly through your website, mobile forms, CRM system, and more.

Full-Service Support
Let us do the work of email validation for you. We’ll validate the addresses and send you the results.

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