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Be Brilliant
Our software provides reliable document automation for big organizations.

The biggest and brightest companies rely on us for accurate, efficient, and future-proofed generation of high value content.

We’ll help you get it right, the first time.

Complete Confidence
We have been automating documents and getting it right for over 25 years.

Our experience and expertise will help you move every project forward efficiently and with confidence.

Over 90% of those who try it, choose it – and succeed.


Introducing ActiveDocs
Flexible document automation software with a modular approach.

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First things first
What is document automation? Our overview explains it in simple terms.

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System architecture
Explore the components of ActiveDocs software.

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Getting started
Our proven process for a successful start to your automation project.

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Try our software
First-hand confidence in our software working as part of your solution.

“We work with a lot of large software vendors and none of them listen and improve as quickly and readily as ActiveDocs.”
Kris Hyman, Business Process Improvement & Workflow Automation at Ricoh.

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Practical features that will change your business:
Flexible integration

data connectivity
Simple data connectivity

Document set creation

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Server or Cloud based options

Multi-channel delivery

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Context-sensitive reusable content

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Templates designed in Word

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Centralized content management

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Compliance & audit reporting

data collection
Dynamic data collection

web forms
Dynamic data collection UI

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High throughput