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Smarter Searching & Cleaner Data for your CRM
Find The CRM Tools You Need From ActivePrime

Your customer data is only as good as it is accurate. As a leader in customer data quality and governance, we offer better ways to search and manage all your data, on four CRMs. Experience better CRM performance with smarter searching and cleaner data.


Wipe Out Duplicate CRM Data Fast
Manual deduplication doesn’t work. It’s time to find a better way to achieve clean data. With CleanCRM, remove duplicates in one click. Embedded in your CRM, this intelligent tool cleans up all your customer data, so you feel confident in its accuracy. Don’t let bad data affect your efforts anymore.


One Search for All Your CRM Data
Experience ActivePrime Power Search

Productivity suffers when users have to go back and forth between systems to find the information they need. A fast, easy, and affordable alternative to integrations, ActivePrime delivers a better search tool. Go beyond looking only in the CRM. Find data both inside and outside of the CRM. Leave core data where it lies and take action directly from your search window.


We Support the CRMs You Rely On

Tools for All CRM Stakeholders

For Sales & Marketing Operations
Dedupe and import with a patented algorithm and no IT help

Create an accurate, single view of customer data

Drive user adoption and productivity with better tools

Measure program ROI accurately with clean data

Deliver reliable management reports and forecasts

Build campaign lists with clean data for better ROI

Confirm sales-ready prospects with accurate, merged lead scores


For IT Professionals
Delegate deduping and importing with better tools

Eliminate user complaints about CRM search issues

Eradicate duplicates and reduce CRM storage requirements

Maintain HIPAA and GDPR compliance with intelligent tools

Connect data across systems without integrations

Integrate our tools seamlessly into user workflows

Access directly from the CRM, with no software download


For Customer Service
Find the right contact quickly to reduce call time

Spot duplicates in the system and alert your admin to remove

Search CRMs automatically upon new record creation

Respond to customer service needs based on clean, deduped data

End manual data cleansing practices with robust tools

Schedule data clean-up regularly to keep systems running optimally

View key information from non-CRM systems to address customer queries


ActivePrime Spotlight

GDPR & Duplicate Data
GDPR, the European Union’s newest data privacy regulation, applies to you, too. Even if you are a North American country, if any EU citizens are in your databases you’re obligated to comply. The “Right to Erasure” clause means an individual can ask to be deleted from every list you have. You may also be unable to store data locally in your CRM because of GDPR and be remanded to placing it in an external system. So, what’s the answer to finding this information efficiently?

We can help, with ActivePrime Power Search. In one search, find every record of the individual, keeping you in compliance. You’ll also be able to search external systems and work with the data directly in the CRM.