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Much like fitted baseball caps, creatives in successful ad campaigns are never one size fits all. (“Yes, I’ve got a five-head. No, I don’t want to talk about it.”)

You can’t expect one ad to grow your audience, but it takes time and manpower to come up with creatives that work for different targets and platforms.

If only you had a dream assistant that could help you save resources while you scale your advertising.


Generate data-backed, high-converting creatives quickly with the help of AI

Alternative to: Celtra and Marpipe

Connect your ad and analytics accounts to train the AI from your data

Best for: Startups, solopreneurs, and marketers who want to streamline creating and testing dynamic ad creatives makes it easy to start generating on-brand creatives that drive high conversions—while saving you time and money.

Just upload your brand’s visual assets, and the AI will generate perfect creatives for your project, including 1080×1080 square and 1080×1920 story sizes.

The advanced AI was trained on millions of high-performing ad creatives, so you can consistently generate creatives that are data-backed and designed to convert.

And because is cloud-hosted, you’ll be able to produce ad variations without worrying about bandwidth, memory, or size limitations.

Generate data-backed creatives with a highly-trained AI complete with your branding assets.
Using integrations, you can push your preferred creatives directly to your connected ad accounts, saving time on downloading and uploading.

You can also integrate with Google and Facebook ads to let the AI learn from your data and bring you even better results in the marketing process.

Optimize your ad performance by feeding millions of high-converting creatives through the Google Display Network, letting you predict the best combinations for your marketing strategy.

That way, you’ll be able to leverage the power of AI by generating high-performing ad creatives based on previously successful campaigns.

Push creatives directly to your ad accounts and let AI train from your data with Facebook and Google Ads integrations.
The powerful integrations don’t end there. You can also tap into Google Analytics to improve your ad results without spending resources on agencies and freelancers.

Because the AI learns everything there is to know about your target audience, you’ll be able to generate more dynamic and effective creatives and banners.

Plus, you can expand your audience by developing personalized ads based on a range of demographics, optimized for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google and Bing Ads.