About Adly

Adly is a digital marketing software and services provider. We connect brands and agencies with influencers and celebrities to reach further, engage more deeply, and drive leads and sales.

Our tools offer a way to boost engagement and generate earned media using data-driven audience targeting, in-stream social advertising, and real-time events that result in direct sales and actionable insights.

Adly for Brands and Agencies

Reach more of your target audience by partnering with the right influencers and celebrities to cut through the noise and drive social engagement.

Adly for Celebrities and Influencers

Monetize your social media influence by sharing content from the brands you love with your audience. Connect with us now to get started.



Discover which celebrities will help position your brand to successfully hit on all campaign objectives. Then learn how to prospect, retarget, and conquest with our Q-score.

Campaign Builder

Simplify social, at scale. Execute your influencer-driven social campaigns in one unified approach: Target, execute, measure; then rinse and repeat for consistent results.

Real-Time Reporting

Closely monitor campaign performance and engagement in real-time. Our reporting tools help ensure that your content reaches its target as well as uncovers actionable insights for future campaigns.