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Measure and boost
your TV advertising
Visits, conversions, awareness, footfall… Discover and
maximise the performance of your TV investments with the platform

Follow in real time all TV broadcasts in Europe
Our detection technology allows us to follow in real time each of the market TV broadcasts. Media planning, airing context, investments… With the Watch platform, optimize your media strategy by finding out that of other brands

Analyse the impact of your TV campaigns on your business identifies who your TV-online-users are so to provide insights, tailored to your needs: online visits and conversions, geolocation and socio-demographic profile of TV engaged audience, brand awareness impact and drive-to-store … drive your media plans through a performance mindset.

Turn TV into a powerful acquisition mechanism allows you to boost your SEA when your audience searches for you online. Then optimise your conversion by retargeting your TV engaged audience and creating a tailor-made customer journey.

Are you ready to try the first
cross performance analytics suite?
Since 2011, supports the biggest brands and their media agencies.

Our patented
TV detection technology
With the use of its technology based on image and sound recognition, indexes and tracks all TV network advertising.

Our TV visitor
attribution technologies identifies who your TV engaged audience is by using an algorithm that studies the source and behaviour of your users during the impact period of your TV spots.