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Manage your subscriptions & memberships effectively to your advantage

Looking for a solution for digital and print? Do you bundle digital and print together and sell the package at a discount? Are your systems for digital and print disparate and it’s difficult or impossible to sell or manage such combos?

Advantage is the solution that manages both digital and print. Whether it’s entitlements, access to content, eBooks, pay-per-view, downloads, or pdf versions of the magazine, Advantage can combine these with the print product and keep the two components of the bundle synchronized and allocate the income however you like!

What sets Advantage apart as a superior subscription management and product order system is its total flexibility. That flexibility, coupled with sweeping functionality, an open architecture, a built-in eCommerce platform (Cider), and an extensibility framework for easy integration of Advantage with other applications, all allow you to configure your ecosystem to operate your business exactly as you choose.

Members Advantage

Members Advantage streamlines integration of your systems and management of your association or club. Its member portal simplifies administration of your organization by walking users through the membership application process, renewals, self-service and payments, viewing status and member benefits.

It also handles national and local chapter management, bundles of products and content access, and conference and event management. Plus, Members Advantage delivers sophisticated discount and promotion capability and flexible income allocation.