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All your affiliate data in a single dashboard.
Affilimate helps digital publishers collect affiliate commissions and content analytics in one place so you can optimize conversion and grow your revenue.

How Affilimate can help you today.
Say goodbye to half-baked spreadsheets, missing data, and working off of hunches to grow your affiliate revenue.

Aggregate all your affiliate commissions in one place

Save time by logging into one easy-to-use affiliate dashboard that can aggregate conversions from different networks into a single, unified format.

Use our reporting presets based on popular requests, or create custom reports from scratch.

Track which content generates the most revenue. Automated, at scale.

Use Affilimate’s content analytics and automatic subid tracking to find which content and products generate the most revenue, across affiliate programs.

Don’t miss out creating more high-converting content because you don’t have the right tracking in place.

Oversee revenue from multiple websites in one place

Running multiple sites or monitoring a portfolio? Get an at-a-glance understanding of how each of your sites are performing in a shared dashboard.

Collect them in a single workspace, or divide them among several workspaces for different clients or companies.

Pinpoint the links, CTAs, and copy driving actual conversions

Optimize revenue from existing content by tracking exactly which links, copy, and on-page elements are converting now with Conversion Heatmaps.

Then, know whether your changes improved earning efficiency through revision tracking.

Stop losing sales to missing or out-of-stock products

Automatically check your Amazon affiliate links on a recurring basis and get notified if any are broken, out of stock, or have other issues that may affect your conversion rate.

What sets Affilimate apart from other affiliate tools?
Here’s why Affilimate is different than any affiliate tool you’ve used before.

Not a WordPress plugin
Eliminates the performance, security, and functionality limitations that come with plugins.

Not a link cloaker
Keep whatever cloaker or shortener you like. We won’t make you do manual work before you get tracking.

Not a single-solution tool
Most tools give you just one piece of the picture, like heatmaps, click-tracking, or commission reporting.

Our massive data-crunching happens on thousands of servers — without impacting yours.

Automatically tracks all your links
Don’t worry if you have short links, long links, or a mixture. We’ll find them for you automatically.

Complete suite of tools
We believe the real insights comes from a tight integration of analytics across your entire affiliate conversion funnel.

We’re here to help
Get experience-based recommendations and insights from our team and community

Expert Community
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Individual Onboarding
We’ll work with you personally to get your site in optimal shape for tracking with specific recommendations

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