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social insights, activated anywhere

Our social powered insights and audiences drive increased scale and higher ROAS for more than 400 companies, publishers, networks, and agencies every year.

how do I use social data?

Pinpoint targeting powered by the most robust social data on the planet

programmatic audiences

Best-in-class data to target ideal customers and conquest your competitors

addressable tv

Behavioral 1:1 targeting makes TV buying more effective and efficient than ever


FanFinder360º uncovers actionable insights to strengthen your media plan

FanFinder360º is powered by the world’s largest continuous study of social engagement between fans and entertainment they love – TV shows, movies, music, and more

how it works

TrueAffinity analyzes content engagements from 550MM people across 70,000 entities to create a brand-level recommender engine – similar to that of Netflix or Amazon. This is an advanced form of look-alike modeling, called act-alike modeling, that goes well beyond interest and category level data, and delivers brand-level affinities to better define your audience.