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Akio.Cx, the ultimate Contact Centre software

Developed by Akio, the software editor specialised in improving omnichannel customer experience for call centres and customer service departments since 1998.

The Akio.Cx contact centre software: for the management of all customer service channels on a single platform

Customers are everywhere and contact the brand at any time, through any channel available.

The Akio.Cx platform by Akio allows your Customer Relation teams to deliver an omnichannel customer experience: telephone, e-mails, chat, Facebook Messenger and Twitter are natively unified on one user-friendly single tool.

Call centres and outsourcers, worldwide, are using the AI powered Akio.Cx platform and its Analytics module to enhance their agents and transform supervisors & managers into client satisfaction super-heros!

The assets of the Akio.Cx customer engagement platform
The ultimate omnichannel contact centre software

Contact centre software that is easy to set-up and deploy, natively unified, scalable and designed for smooth integration with other customer service tools (CRM, ERP, BI…)


Incoming calls, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Web Call Back, Emails, Outgoing call campaigns, Chat, Facebook messenger, Twitter,..


Cloud architecture, smart routing of all multi-channel requests, AI powered, automation, and integration pack (Agent desktop, API & Webhooks)


Personalised assistance by a dedicated consultant. Recommendation of the best functional and operational choices and support throughout the entire duration of the project.


Sentiment analysis module – customer insights through semantic analysis of customer feedback: contact center interactions, customer survey data and social media listening.