Alexa Marketing Stack

Alexa Marketing Stack

Alexa Marketing Stack


Find, reach, and covert your website audience with Alexa Marketing Stack. An SEO and Competitive Analysis Software Suite for online professionals, it has all the tools you need to improve your SEO strategy and PPC campaigns by finding untapped opportunities to grow your traffic and expand your business.
Key features of Alexa Marketing Stack include Keyword Research, Competitive Website Analysis, SEO Analysis, Check Backlinks, and Target Audience Analysis. Combined, these features will help you better understand your audience, uncover the keywords that your audience loves, promote your content on popular sites, and overtake your competitors. You can try if for free, and plans start at $149.00 per month.

Alexa’s Marketing Stack
Find Diamond in the Rough

Growth Opportunities
Alexa’s competitor analysis uncovers actionable marketing strategies to drive more traffic.

1. Understand your audience.
Find sites that your audience visits using our Audience Overlap Tool.

2. Uncover the keywords your audience loves.
Discover winning keywords and popular topic clusters by using Competitor Keyword Matrix.

3. Find untapped opportunities you are missing.
Find gaps where your audience has an interest, but you don’t have content.

4. Prioritize the best opportunities.
Target easy-to-rank keywords first using our Keyword Difficulty Tool.

5. Promote your content on popular sites.
Discover influencer outreach opportunities by uncovering sites that link to your competitors using our Competitor Backlink Checker.

6. Overtake your competitors.
Benchmark and track your performance relative to your competitors using our Competitive Analysis Tools.