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AlphaNetworks – the future of media on the blockchain

AlphaNetworks is a blockchain-powered entertainment platform dedicated to building the infrastructure of the next era of media.

AlphaNetworks combines subscription VOD, targeted advertising, and pay-per-view business models on one platform for a seamless user experience. The platform provides complete pricing freedom and increased monetization for content creators based on a transparent, viewership-based algorithm, along with AI-powered audience analytics.

RadicalMedia, a multi-disciplinary studio that creates some of the world’s most innovative content led by co-founder Frank Scherma, will oversee content production.

The media business is driven by hunches and analog data systems. AlphaNetworks is building a data-driven solution that empowers creators to build their audiences and business, and gives audiences new sources of high-quality programming.

To accurately record real interaction with content, AlphaNetworks uses a “Proof Of Engagement” (POE) algorithm which records every view of every video on the blockchain, and determines and executes a direct payout to the content provider. This payout is proportional to the amount of viewership they have aggregated, relative to total network-wide viewership.

When recorded on a blockchain, our views are completely anonymized. The system builds valuable but anonymized demographic and consumption data, allowing AlphaNetworks to optimize the experience of each viewer, creator and sponsor.