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Intelligent Promotional Marketing
Stay one step ahead with AiDeal to stop customers abandoning their shopping carts. Advanced Machine Learning identifies people who are most likely to complete a purchase with an immediate and customized limited-time offer.
Proactive Customer Engagement Platform
With AIQUA, you can engage customers automatically at every stage of the customer journey. The platform supports multiple channels that you need to reach your audiences, including websites, apps, email, push notifications, SMS, messengers and more.
Data Science Platform
AIXON is a data science platform that brings together and enriches customer data to help you better understand your audience, and uses AI to help easily predict their future actions to achieve your goals.
CrossX Advertising Solutions

CrossX uses AI to predict the best audience segments and the best bidding price based on how individual users behave across multiple screens, ensuring the right people receive the right creative at the right time and place. Whether your marketing priority is app, e-commerce or branding, we are here to help. Click on your area of focus below to find out more about the features and benefits.