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Realize the unique giving potential of each donor with each solicitation.
Behavioral Economics Modeling and Artificial Intelligence – evolving together to continuously learn and optimize nonprofit fundraising.

We know exactly how much to ask. Every single donor. Every time.
We start with only your existing data and our ExactAsk A.I. models, no co-ops or mingling of data. Our algorithms dynamically calculate the precise ask amounts for each gift array, in real-time. We continuously learn, adapt, and improve with each use — for every individual donor, precisely at the time of each solicitation.

One-to-One Personalization. At scale.
What is the impact of knowing precisely how much to ask of each donor?

Donations increase by an average of 12% within the first 12 months of use
Giving levels continue improving over time, optimizing Donor Lifetime Value
Nonprofits secure > $3.00 for every $1.00 invested
Satisfied donors stay engaged longer, enhancing lifetime support
Arjuna’s clients continuously use the ExactAsk A.I. services to optimize giving

Lift. Lift. Lift. What measurable success looks like.
Want to see it in action? Here’s a recent case study of how Arjuna’s ExactAsk A.I. service delivered over 30% improvement against the standard R/F/M-generated gift array values, 3 times in a row.

*Note: Everything is individualized. Naturally, results vary.

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No difficult setup. No software. No staffing. No training. No problem.
It’s an advanced service, not a tool. You don’t have to worry about operational or security management. Whatever platform or fundraising processes you’re using, we easily adapt and deliver customized, individually optimized gift arrays for each donor. And grow your bottom line.

Plan and Evaluate
Simply complete the campaign worksheet with your campaign types, cadence and volumes.

Upload and Activate
Securely transfer your dataset and activate the ExactAsk A.I. algorithms.

Learn and Calculate
We continuously and precisely formulate the best ExactAsk gift array amounts for each individual donor.

Optimize and Grow
We deliver. Measure. Learn and refine with continuous improvement over time.