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Email marketing for your business.
Thrill your prospects. Energise your network. Astonish your customers.

Our customers average a £40 return for every £1 spent.

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Regardless of skills or experience get up and running in minutes.

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Easy to use. Save time. Generates business.
Join the thousands of brilliant business owners that use email marketing to promote their businesses.

Why email marketing?
Great question, where to start…

Return on investment
A whopping 68% of businesses who use email marketing rate it as good or excellent for return on investment.*

Obviously the value of your product or service will affect this but if you only have a small list of contacts you can get started for free today!

Our paid plans start from just £25 per month.

Keep leads warm

As well as a remarkable direct sales tool sending newsletters to leads is a great way of staying at the front of their mind, showing your expertise and sharing case studies showing the benefits of them choosing you.

Ready to go
Reach active buyers

90% of consumers check their email every day, and 66% have made a purchase or a product or service directly from an email. It is hard to find another marketing activity where you can reach people who are ready to go.*

Boost clicks
Track your results immediately

A powerful benefit of email marketing unlike almost every other marketing activity, the moment you send your email newsletter you can see who has opened or clicked it! See in real time who is engaging with your emails.

Build Relationships
Keep in touch with the people who matter

Contacts PLUS Communication EQUALS LOVE!

70% of people ‘always’ open emails from their favorite brands and companies. Referrals and word of mouth business is the best! It will only ever come from your customers and contacts (yes the ones 90% of businesses ignore!). It is so easy to drop them an email each month reminding them who you are and why they choose you, it’s almost criminal not to!*