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ServiceNow acquires Attivio IP, core technology, and select R&D talent

Increase CSAT
Improve Deflection Rates
Decrease MTTR

Enrich Every Touchpoint
No matter where your customers or employees need to find an answer, Attivio fits seamlessly into their workflows
Self-Service Portal
Empower users to solve issues on their own with the ability to effortlessly research and find resolutions on your web portal. Unify the relevant sources of knowledge across your organization and use machine learning to continuously refine which answer best fits users’ inquiries.

Ticket Deflection

Chat Assist

Agent Assist


Intelligent Answers & Insights
Attivio’s platform drives customer & employee satisfaction

Consumer-Centric Insights
Identify and anticipate gaps in your users’ experience & corporate knowledge that can be immediately actioned

Expert Knowledge Application
Make everyone an expert by capturing insight from every interaction to maintain an always-right knowledge index

AI-Driven Solutions
Apply machine learning to recommend actions and resolutions to customer and employee challenges

Trust Attivio’s enterprise-grade platform to deliver relevant answers and resolutions to your customers and employees every time.
Unified Data & Analytics
Unite all the information across your enterprise, no matter where it’s stored, from Sharepoint to ServiceNow, Google Drive to shared drive, and beyond. Over 75 connectors and 600 file types to choose from. Omni-channel analytics give you insights into user behavior and content usage & impact.
Al-Powered Outcomes
Your business isn’t static so why should your knowledge bases be? Keep pace with evolving questions, resolutions, and answers with Attivio’s built-in machine learning. It understands natural language questions, learns from and adapts to user behavior, and delivers smarter, more relevant answers over time.
Optimized Workflows
Whether you’re serving up answers on a self-service portal or within an existing application, Attivio gives you the power to bring content and resolutions into the context your end-users frequent and are most comfortable with. Open Source UI toolkit and robust APIs let you integrate Attivio’s Intelligent Answers virtually anywhere.
One Platform, Many Solutions

Customer Support

Unified Digital Workplace

Risk Avoidance