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Brands & Publishers

Amplify your user engagement with Audioburst Publishers

The easiest way to add audio content to your app, website or device. Increase engagement, and add new revenue streams

Audio Creators

Amplify your growth with Audioburst Creators

Create & edit audiograms, get free automatic transcripts and increase discoverability through social, video and SEO

Our Technology

Empowering the proliferation of ideas, knowledge, and perspectives through universal access to the world’s audio content

  • Audioburst Library & SearchUsing keywords and phrases, people can find the latest bursts of news aired on radio, TV, and podcasts
  • Cross-Platform Distribution

Easily accessible APIs allow app developers to offer their users a broad range of infotainment options, on                      demand, wherever they go

  • Listening Identity & Personalization

Create a customized audio stream for each listener, based on their interests, past behaviors and trending topics