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AuthorityLabs is industry-leading SEO software for Small Businesses, Digital Agencies, and Global Enterprises. Tried and trusted around the world, it is one of the most reliable and accurate SEO software programs available today, with copious amounts of SEO data to suit every business.
With Authority Labs SEO Software, you can track the performance of your domains, and those of your competitors, from one user-friendly dashboard. You can compare daily data, local results tracked by a city or postal code, mobile specific data, and global data from any country support by the Big 3 – namely Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Sign up for a free test drive to see what AuthorityLabs can do for your online businesses.

Looking for SEO tracking that’s reliable & accurate?
Our industry leading SEO software is trusted by marketers around the world.

Use our search engine ranking and keyword data to automate your SEO monitoring, track local rankings, mobile rankings, and recover not provided keywords.

SEO data for every business

Small Business
If you are an SEO team of one, stop wading through page after page of results. Let us help you. With AuthorityLabs, get actionable insights you can use right away.

Digital Agency
Whether you have two clients or 500, track the keywords that matter to them, daily. Then, easily share your reporting so they always know where they stand.

Let us scale with you and support your big data needs. With our market leading API, we can provide the keyword tracking data that will bring your SEO to the next level.
Save yourself some time. Let us track your rankings daily.
Add the domains, keywords, and locations you want to track, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Daily Data
Always know where you stand by reacting to changes as they happen with daily rank checking. Available for all plans.

Local Results
Dig into the most accurate and granular data available by tracking search results by state, city, and even postal code.

Mobile Specific
Stay on the cutting edge by tracking your mobile ranking and the keywords mobile users are using with our device-specific data.

Global Tracking
Expand your reach by easily adding domains or pages from any country or language supported by Google, Bing and Yahoo!