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Tracking Social Media Shares through Google Analytics (GA)

Hey Buddy, so you want to track how many people are sharing your content through social media? What those users are doing? And even users who copy and paste your link and share it? Well before you’d have to follow an excellent tutorial by Himanshu Sharma which as well written as it may be for your average…

Run A Crawl Before & After You Launch A New Site

A new site is always a dangerous and exciting time in marketing. All the stake-holders get their input, old becomes new and opportunity is right there for the taking. Unfortunately, this is also a time where disaster can lurk in the shadows waiting for a deadline being pushed up to jump out and say BOO!…

Tools & Guides for Creating EPIC Content #SEOGOFISH

Every week on Fridays at 1pm EST, 12 CST, 11 am MT, 10 PST we gather together on Twitter to play #SEOGOFISH, and this week was no exception. The topic for this week was Tools & Guides for Creating EPIC Content and we go a great set of contributions and quotes to share on the topic.…