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Let your control freak flag fly.

Who doesn’t love to be in control and have more say in decisions that impact your business? It’s time to design your perfect programmatic ecosystem – where you own and access all your data and algorithms – on top of the Beeswax Bidder-as-a-Service™ platform.

Beeswax’s Bidder-as-a-Service™ (BaaS) is an innovative way to unleash the full potential of your programmatic spend. BaaS empowers buyers with flexibility, full transparency, and ultimate control, using your own data, your own algorithms and your own strategies to customize and maximize programmatic spend. And it’s priced like software with a clear, flat cost – not a percentage of your media spend that stings you for scaling successfully.

Beeswax Works With You, However You Want to Work.
You want the full functionality of a leading DSP, but you also want to keep the full ownership of your data, algorithms and strategies. Now you can.

The BaaS platform is built around a single-tenant architecture. Each bidder lives in its own unique cloud deployment, and that means you get back total ownership of every aspect of your strategies and execution. It’s your platform powered by your algorithms, your analytics and your tech stack.