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Create branded email campaigns faster and easier Increase output, reduce back and forth, and follow brand guidelines
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How do you build your branded emails?
Do you use a template builder? Maybe it comes with your email provider. You probably feel overwhelmed with all of its options. And chances are you run into constraints for what you can do with your design. For better design control, the solution is a custom-coded template. But how do you avoid the lengthy and complex production process involved? Blocks Edit is a visual email editor for your custom-designed emails. Quickly build and edit responsive emails that follow your design system, eliminating many common pain points of email production.

Drag and drop components that follow style guidelines for brand consistency

Use only essential editing features to produce emails more efficiently

Code remains clean and intact, reducing the need for added QA

Mobile responsive preview and specific editing mode and options

Use images from your asset library and export with ready-to-send URLs

Invite your team to edit and review, share with outside team members

Who’s using Blocks Edit
Dick’s Sporting Goods AAA CorePower Yoga College Future’s Foundation Funimation
“Supporting email production went from 80% of our day to almost zero. We can now focus our time on strategy for clients while they better control their email copywriting and content editing.”

— Steven Douglas, Founder, Avagate
Made for your entire organization Example team member Example team member Example team member Designers, developers
Design and build templates, maintain updates and upgrades.

Example team member Example team member Example team member Marketers, managers, editors
Build out email layouts, write copy, edit and revise content, and manage assets.

And anyone else you need to work with!
Include anyone in your content production by bringing in people as needed.

Example team member
VP of Customer Loyalty

Example team member
Sales agent

Example team member
Contract copywriter

Example team member
Franchisee owner

Manage access for everyone

No vendor lock-in
Blocks Edit follows email development standards and is truly platform-agnostic, allowing you to connect to various platforms, and export your email’s code to your current email provider.