Blue Shift


Blue Shift – Intelligent Customer Engagement
Customer data activation, AI, and multi-channel automation in a single, scalable, easy-to-use platform

Automate 1:1 Engagement on Every Channel
Blueshift combines the scale and flexibility of a customer data platform with the speed
and execution of multi-channel campaigns in a single, easy-to-use platform

Coordinated Marketing with Multi-Channel Campaigns
Turn any marketing idea into reality through a single, intuitive interface that enables you to create automated, smart, multi-channel campaigns that drive engagement and growth.

Quickly Launch Sophisticated, Dynamic Customer Journeys
Easily design and deploy the ideal customer experience from single-touch messages to multi-stage, multi-channel experiences.

Create new campaigns with multiple channels, conditions, creative versions, and other advanced criteria with just a few clicks.
Use out-of-the-box creative and a drag-and-drop template builder or completely customize templates with direct HTML editing and the Liquid templating language.
Automate testing and optimization of every creative element — templates, subject lines, etc. and automatically choose the winner. Track engagement with campaign reporting tools and dashboards.
Unified Customer Experience Across All Channels and All Devices
Make the shift from channel-centric to customer-centric by coordinating multi-channel, multi-device experiences.

Build multi-channel workflows across email, mobile, website, customer support, IVR, ad targeting and any other touchpoint with ease.
Leverage AI and predictive intelligence inside your multi-channel journeys so you can target the right customers at the right time and on the right channel.
Trigger timely messages across channels with relevant content that responds to customer behaviors, interests, and activity.