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Dialogflow chatbots for websites & apps

Connect your Dialogflow agent to a rich custom web chat UI.
Create an enterprise-grade bot front end in a few clicks, easy.

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Bot Launch Package

Start smart! Get expert Dialogflow help.
Launch safely into the botmosphere!

DIY Metered/Monthly Plan

Is your Dialogflow agent good to go?
Build a custom bot front end in a snap!

“We love working with Botcopy.” Rai Medeiros, Riot Games
Automate up to 98%
of your service chats

Create branded web assistants
that can access databases

Radically boost satisfaction
with smart handoffs

Unique features to help your digital transformation

Buttons, cards, carou-sels and more
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Trigger your bot with
buttons on your site.
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Stylize your chatbot UI
with no-code tools.
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Language Localization
Learn how to configure our widget to detect over 30 languages set to your users’ browser settings.

Ref Parameter Detection
Botcopy bots now recognize your users and grab their personalized info from your databases!

Fullscreen (CUI) mode
Need chat to take over your site? Great for conversational landing pages, contact us links and mobile apps.

Window Triggers
Your chatbot can read the room! Buttons, links & events can trigger your chat window to open on a relevant intent.