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Unlock hidden potential

With the leading enterprise SEO platform

Search engines like Google miss about half of the content on large, enterprise websites. Missed content = missed profits.

Botify helps you uncover those missed opportunities and turn them into profitable business outcomes, all in a platform that’s built for the size, scale, and complexity of your enterprise website.

That’s why so many of the world’s largest brands trust Botify.

Simplify organic search and unlock growth.

We’re giving brands the tools they need to cut through the complexity of the Modern Web, saving time, reducing risk, and increasing their traffic — all while driving sustainable revenue.

Botify Analytics

Unified Data
Get insights from each stage of the organic search process.

Unify all your SEO data

Uncover what search engines are missing

Analyze 1,000+ metrics from every phase of search — crawling to conversions
Botify Intelligence

Prescriptive Insights
Save time and mitigate risk with prioritized actions and alerts.
Prioritize your SEO tasks by greatest impact

Increase confidence in your SEO strategy
Safeguard your site performance at scale
Botify Activation

Autonomous Execution
Maximize impact by driving faster results.
Automate content discovery

Optimize crawl & render budget
Index critical pages in near real-time