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Thriving brands are built
with ambassadors
All-in-one brand ambassador management software that integrates with Shopify, Amazon, and WooCommerce.

Ambassador Marketing Software
BrandChamp’s makes it easier to manage successful marketing campaigns with ambassadors that deliver a positive ROI.

Referral Sales
Manage ambassador referral sales and automate commissions. ​

Content Creation
Mobilize ambassadors to create and share user-generated content.

Loyalty Rewards
Track ambassador activity and automatically issue loyalty rewards.​

Trusted by the world’s
best ambassador programs!

Accelerate growth, build a thriving ambassador community​

Referral Sales

Increase sales with referral tracking
Easily track and manage referral sales using links and discount codes on your store and Amazon.

User-Generated Content

Stand out with social proof
Generate valuable user-generated content with the help of ambassadors to increase conversions.

Social Media

Drive engagement & reach on social media
Mobilize ambassadors to tag your brand and participate in ambassador marketing campaigns on social.

Loyalty Rewards

Build a better customer experience
Reward ambassadors with a collection of rewards that combine free products, discounts, gift cards and cash payments.