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Tools that accelerate your SEO techniques.
Expedite the process of optimizing
and ranking your website.

Get your website the organic traffic and authority it needs.
Global keywords trends and hyper-local search volume.
Track your backlinks & maintain backlinks profile.
Get to know loop-holes with technical SEO audit.
Automatic daily ranking updates.

Perform keyword research and create expert level content.
Enter your keyword and explore topics that are in trend.
Get ideas for questions to answer and get your content hyped in your audience.
Perform technical Audit and get ideas to make your content better.
Check estimated traffic reach on your content.

Get a secret sauce of your rival’s marketing strategy.
Find keywords that your competitors are ranked for.
Analyze your competitor’s backlink profile.
With Rank Tracker, track where your competitor lies on SERPs.
Get to know loop-holes with technical SEO audit.

Get help to market your business.
Get the most bidding keywords for your campaign.
Gain insight into the audience, targeted by your competitors.
With PPC ads, get paid results which dominate the SERP for a specific keyword.
With a keyword generator tool, get a 360° view of your buyer’s concerns.

Perform gap analysis and get expert recommendations.
Perform technical Audit and get insights to solve the issues.
Find out errors within your headings, Meta title, and descriptions.
Get a detailed overview of broken links within your URL.
Know how many and which status codes does your URL have.

All-in-One SEO Software
20 Tools designed to grow your traffic

Rank Tracker
Track, compare, & rank Better with real-time tracking of SERPs, with dynamic sharing & quality metrics.


Semantic Terms
Explore LSI keywords tool to get a list of semantically related keywords, suggested by Google itself.


Long Tail Keyword
Find long tail keywords (with 4+ word counts) against your seed keyword to get more specific traffic.

Keyword Explorer
Get top level sugestions for seed keyword, and then get more suggestions for top level keywords.


Youtube Keywords
Fuel your YouTube channel by getting keywords, from all the real searches happening on YouTube.

Keyword Tool
Everything you need to know about a keyword, Organic, and Paid insights as well as its difficulty.


Ranked Keywords
Get a complete picture of your competitor’s keywords ranking organically, with insightful metrics.


PPC Keywords
Find out for which keywords your competitors are paying to rank for & stay ahead of the competition.


Bulk Search Volume
Within Bulk Search Volume Tool, conduct all of your keywords comparison at once within less time.


Bulk Domain Data
Compare your website with your competitors by adding all domains at one place & monitor bulk data easily.

SERP Checker
With data like featured snippets, PPC ads, & other insightful metrics, SERP Checker brings unified data.

Ad Explorer
Get data about what ads your competitor’s have on what keyword, along with PPC metrics.

Keyword Generator
Get a complete variant of any keywords including questions, shopping, comparison, and phrases.


Keyword Insights
Perform in-depth analysis and get a very insightful overview of your keyword and it’s market intent.

Question Generator
Be aware with your buyer’s concerns by finding out their most searched queries.

Backlink Checker
Monitor the backlinks that your website has, and find any gaps in contrast to your competitors’ sites.

Backlink Monitor
Add a link and watch as the tool informs you of its current status, with other interesting metrics.

Traffic Checker
Get complete insights of any domain, enriched with tons of metrics, traffic sources and channels.


SEO Audit
Check what’s working and what needs improvement. Run a complete SEO audit of your website.